Costal Zone Canada Conference: Part 1


A successful submission by CARRA to host a special session at the Coastal Zone Canada 2014 conference was made in September 2013 to the Coastal Zone Canada Association.  We have recruited a full team of session participants who will present on their research and experiences with at-risk archaeological sites in Atlantic Canada. We will publish details of the session once the organizers have scheduled the conference program.

Session Title: Managing archaeological resources on a dynamic coast: approaches and options

In the face of recorded and projected sea-level rise (SLR) some of the coastal heritage and archaeological resources of Canada are under immediate or near-future threat, particularly through coastal flooding and erosion. The potential impact of SLR on heritage resources has not yet been determined across many parts of coastal Canada. This session will present and review case studies that have identified the impacts of SLR on heritage resources and the management options employed to negate, mitigate, or concede to the effects of SLR.  The participants and audience will reflect professional archaeologists and heritage managers who are responsible for coastal resources and coastal scientists who work on risk assessment, coastal processes and SLR.

Outcomes: Ideally, the beginnings of a community of practice for heritage managers responsible for coastal archaeology resources in Canada.  The session proponents lead a Natural Resources Canada and Government of Newfoundland and Labrador funded project to refine risk assessment tools and management options for heritage managers in Canada.  The case studies prepared for this session will illuminate current practices and help inform new management approaches and options.

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