Canadian Archaeological Association Session

The CARRA team has just submitted their abstract to the CAA to run a session during their 47th annual meeting, April 29th-May 3rd 2015. The abstract can be seen below and will be posted on both the CAA web and facebook page.


Responding to the challenge: Coastal heritage site management under changing climate and environment

Session Chairs:

Trevor Bell and Christina Robinson

Session Abstract:

Climate change is increasingly recognised by heritage managers as a major challenge to be addressed within historic and archaeological site management plans. The coastal zone in particular has experienced some of the greatest impacts of a changing climate, and consequently heritage resources on the coast are highly vulnerable to damage or loss. This session, sponsored by the Coastal Archaeological Resources Risk Assessment (CARRA) project, aims to bring together heritage managers, coastal scientists and archaeologists to share and discuss current practices in site vulnerability assessment, site prioritisation for action and site management options. Session presentations and discussion will contribute to an online community of practice, hosted by CARRA, that addresses the challenge of how best to negate, mitigate or concede to the effects of climate change and coastal hazards on heritage resources.

To participate in this session please contact Trevor Bell ( or Christina Robinson (

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